TY MORN - Last Villain Testament


Album: Last Villain Testament

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date: February 15th, 2022

Country: France / International

Label: DocGator Records


This year started strong for power and heavy metal  – I’d even say the first months saw me listening to more representatives of this style than all over 2021 - and here we go with another fine example, the international project TY MORN. Originally founded in 2018 as brainchild of Aron Biale, who is responsible for the song-writing, bass, guitar and keyboards, the band also features singer Raphael Gazal (Brazil), guitarist Joao Corceiro (Portugal), and drummer Per Mikkelsen from Finland. On February 15th, 2022, they released their second album via DocGator Records: “Last Villain Testament”.

Story-wise, they tell us about a fictional character called “Warlock”, who is the last surviving villain in a future world. He looks back at a man’s battle with nature and himself, recorded as a last testament. The figure on the eye-catching cover shows him consulting his grimoire.

TY MORN's music is best described as powerful heavy metal in the veins of Iron Maiden. Starting with the sound of sirens, "War of Nations" kicks in with a fast, pummeling rhythmic, and the first vocal appearance got me already, as singer Raphael brings in exactly the wide range and expression this kind of music needs. Guitar and keyboards add their parts to a fat sound, and together, they build up tension from the beginning. Latest with the guitar solo in the middle of the song, I know I'm absolutely right here. 

This formula works thoughout the whole album: "Last Villain Testament" consists of 10 songs mostly around 4+ minutes, all coming along with high or mid tempo, and I don't mind the lack of a ballad at all. A little downer is vocal and guitar melody being played parallel too often for my personal taste, as it takes away the high pressure they manage to build up the rest of the time. Nevertheless, the riffs are heavy, the melodies catchy yet varied, and the rhythmic pushing. My favorites are "War of Nations", "Hellastryke" and "Compliments of the Wolf", with the other songs not standing way behind.  

All-together, TY MORN deliver a strong, second album. The songs' great dynamic, the full-sounding production, as well as the joy of playing by all musicians involved make "Last Villain Testament" a real listening pleasure. What stands out for me is the powerful vocal performance and the awesome guitar work, which convinces with mighty riffs and virtuosic solo parts. If you like heavy metal, crank it up \m/ 

Written by Katha


Raphael Gazal - Vocals  

Aron Biale - Bass, rhythm guitar and keys 

Joao Corceiro - Lead guitar 

Per Mikkelsen - Drums 


1. War of Nations 

2. Hellastryke 

3. Eyes of the Many Gods 

4. Wherever Demons Roam

5. Come Feed Us Night

6. Firenado 

7. Compliments of the Wolf 

8. The One 

9. Lifting the Curse 

10. Warlock


Istor - 2019

Last Villain Testament - 2022