VULKAN - Technatura


Album: Technatura

Genre: Heavy Progrock

Release Date: May 8th 2020

Country: Sweden

Label: Unsigned


Sometimes, it’s just a second in which our subconsciousness makes us recognize something in the current information overflow. A band called VULKAN woke up my curiousness immediately when I scrolled by, and the beautiful cover artwork did the rest, so I headed over to Bandcamp to give them a listen. And I’m glad I did: this Swedish heavy progrock band is another surprising discovery for me. The album that caught my attention - "Technatura" – is their third effort, was released on May 8th 2020, and brings in many ingredients that warm a prog-lovers heart.

Thematically, "Technatura" is about the fuse of nature and technology in our modern society, that makes its citizens to slaves under a new oppressive capitalism of surveillance and big data, which deceives with corporate lies, and choke the life out of humanity and nature. 

The first track “The Visual Hex” shows perfectly what to expect from VULKAN: They have an amazing sense for melodies, combined with great harmonies and rhythmic. I’m digging this kind of musical drumming! Check out their video for "This Visual Hex" to get a first impression: 

Over the next songs, they develop this formula with great song-writing, the appearances of several guest musicians and different instruments make things even more interesting. Besides the amazing work of the rhythm section, the vocals of Jimmy Lindblad are another highlight for me. He has a wide range and gives the songs the needed emotions. Remarkable are the three tracks with Swedish lyrics: Especially in "Rekviem", the use of this language emphasizes the mood - It’s mesmerizing.

To sum it up: The musical flow on "Technatura" makes it a great listen, and it's worth to dive deeper into it, as there's a lot to discover. Check it out! 

Written by Katha


Jimmy Bob Lindblad - Vocals, Percussion

Johan Norbäck - Drums

Christian Fredriksson - Guitar

Oscar Patterson - Bass

Olle Edberg - Keyboards


1. The Visual Hex

2. Hunter/Prey

3. Redemption Simulations

4. Bewildering Conception of Truth

5. Klagans Snara

6. Rekviem

7. Spökskepp

8. Technatura

9. Marans Ritt

10. Blinding Ornaments

11. The Royal Fallacy

12. The Madness Sees no End


Mask of Air - 2011

Observants - 2016

Technatura - 2020