XOTH - Exogalactic


Album: Exogalactic

Genre: Progressive Tech Death

Release Date: November 3rd, 2023

Country: USA

Label: Dawnbreed Records


Hailing from somewhere outer space (or was it Seattle? ;-) cosmic tech-death force XOTH just landed to bring some interstellar turmoil into your earthly living-room with “Exogalactic”, but will you dare to open the mighty, mystical portal to their third album? Inside, you’ll find "Reptilian Bloodsport", "Manuscripts of Madness", and "The Parasitic Orchestra" among others for your heavy listening needs, with all 8 songs coming along with complex compositions. 

The music is brutal and beautiful at the same time, offering no rest over the 40 minutes of playing time: While the drums turn everything into (star) dust with their pummeling beats, well supported by the hard-hitting bass, the mind-blowing riffs draw us deeper into this huge sound maelstrom. The relentless growls tell the different space-themed tales in a rough way, standing in contrast to the incredibly virtuosic guitar playing that adds melody and accessibility to their work. With their powerful blend of prog, thrash, and tech death, XOTH might easily deliver one of this year’s extreme metal highlights.

Written by Katha (originally for The Progspace)


1. Reptilian Bloodsport

2. Manuscripts of Madness

3. Sporecraft Zero

4. The Parasitic Orchestra

5. Saga of the Blade

6. Reflective Nemesis

7. Battlesphere

8. Map to the Stars, Monument to the Ancients


Tyler Sturgill - Guitar & Vocals

Woody Adler - Guitar

Ben Bennett - Bass

Jeremy Salvo - Drums