Many countries are famous for their music scene, and sometimes strongly connected with stereotypes or a genre. Others are maybe not on the radar as a typical rock / metal nation, but discovering a band in a new area often brings even more to light. The idea behind “Prog Around the World” is to travel musically and find new bands on this trip, or learn more about those who might be familiar already.

A huge thanks to all who followed and supported this adventure from the beginning, and a warm welcome to those who joined us along the way. Welcome to also check out the interviews from 2021 and 2022 

Let's see, where 2023 is gonna take us :-)

ASHEN - Australia

The new year doesn't start quiet at all, as the Australian death metal act comes along with a powerful debut album. "Ritual of Ash" is out on January 13th via Bitter Loss Records, and guitarist Shannon took a moment to tell me more about the stunning cover artwork, the band's development and new music. Check it out here


We're heading to Wisconsin and meet with the mastermind behind alternative one-man band SAMTAR. His new album "Shadow of a King's Charade" is set to release on January 13th, welcome to read more about his background, work and the eye-catching cover here