TY MORN: "Ideas are like fireflies, you have to catch them in seconds sometimes"

Our next stop takes us to France, where we meet with the man behind TY MORN, a metal project with its members heading from all around the world. They released their second album “Last Villain Testament” on February 15th, 2022, which brings in all ingredients for fans of traditional metal (you can read my review here)


Glad to have had the opportunity for a chat, welcome to learn more about them here:  

Hey, thanks for making time to answer my questions. How are you today?

Hey Katha, I’m great. Busy promoting the new TY MORN album at the moment.

That's a great cause to be busy, so let's dive-in straight away. Could you please introduce yourself and TY MORN to our readers?

I’m Aron Biale, and I started the band project in late 2018, hooking up with like minded souls to put together our debut “Istor” in 2019. I wanted to put out a meaty, melodic bunch of songs which echoed a little the classic 70s/80s age of rock and metal. DocGator Records signed us and put out CD and vinyl.

You just released your second album “Last Villain Testament”. How do you feel about it, and how was the reception so far?

We (myself, Raphael, Joao and Per) are all pleased to have it released. Covid meant there were uncertainty at one point, but we’re passed that hopefully. And yes, the response has been great, especially as there are so many good releases coming out right now in the genre.

Oh yes, indeed. Let’s take a look at the mystical cover artwork: What can you tell us about its origins, and how does it reflect the album thematically?

It started with the pun “Last Villain Testament” from “Last Will and Testament”. Then I had the idea of a future warlock (the last villain) consulting his grimoire.

Could you dive a bit into the story-line with us, please?

I had some lyrical ideas across all the songs about how humanity struggles within itself, or how it is subject to nature’s wrath and supernatural forces. All of this observed wily by this character.

How did you come up with the band’s name, and is there a deeper meaning behind “Ty Morn” for you?

I’m British living in celtic Brittany. “Ty” in Breton roughly means ‘where man dwells’ and I liked the old English for morning, ‘morn’. But there’s no great significance haha.

The band is your brainchild, but you have some great musicians on board. How did you guys get together?

A good amount of networking in 2019 found me a great singer in Brazil (Raphael Gazal). I knew drummer Per from before and for lead players, I wanted a variety of styles so asked around for guest players.

What is your musical background, and where do your main influences come from?

I was in small bands in London as a singer, but then had a career as a production manager for bands like Metallica. So I had little time for band stuff.

Since I was very small, I loved music. I was given my first album (a reggae compilation!) aged 4, then got into Queen, Meat Loaf, and the rock / metal scene since then. In writing TY MORN material, I’m drawing on bands like Maiden, Priest, Diamondhead, Mercyful Fate, Alice Cooper, Manowar etc.

Could you briefly describe your writing process, please?

When ideas come, I always have my phone. It’s essential. Sometimes I like a title or an idea and then wait for the subconscious to come up with something. Ideas are like fireflies, you have to catch them in seconds sometimes. It’s strange but that’s the process I imagine for many.

Do you have plans to bring TY MORN’s music on stage, or is it a pure studio project?

We’ve been offered several festivals, but with a singer in Brazil, guitarist in Portugal, drummer in Finland and me in France, the logistics aren’t easy haha. So, for the moment, we’ll carry on recording.

Oh, I can imagine. Talking about live music: How would you describe your local music scene?

Here in Brittany it's mostly punk and folk, so not a great place for rock and metal unfortunately. The nearest scene I know is in Rennes, like an hour away, which is dominated by extreme metal. 


What can you tell us about your future plans?

We’re currently recording the third TY MORN album for release start of 2023. I’ve written the albums for two new bands, THEGNS (battle metal opera!) and THE METHREN (ffo symphonic rock). For both to complete, it’s a question of funding, so we’ll see.

Sounds very promising, looking forward to this! Do you have any further thoughts you’d like to share here?

Well, I’m glad you asked to chat on your site of course, and it gives me a chance to check out some bands that I haven’t heard yet. I’m a big nerdy fan of the genre. I just need to find time to get in full ‘fan’ mode haha. 

Thanks Katha for having me here.


My great pleasure :-) Thanks again for your time, and all the best for you and your musical plans \m/